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You can easily tell how crazy in love Perdita and Luke are by watching their wedding film. The look in their eyes when they see each other, the way they hold each others hands, the wind blowing into the trees as well as the hay fields create a magical setting for the couple portraits. It is somehow a photographer's dream to capture a shot of the veil beautifully blowing in the wind and we were lucky enough to get that moment so easily due to the weather.

Perdita and Luke have been surrounded by family and their closest friends during the Church Religious Ceremony from the moment they walked together down the isle until the end when everyone has thrown confetti at them. 

For this particular wedding film we have chosen to film in 100 frames per second which is double of the usual 50 fps we are usually filming with. This enabled us to get images in crispy clear FULL HD which are 4 times slower than the usual video cameras can capture. The reason we chose to film in this particular style was to put emphasis on the moments the couple are together and looking into each others eyes almost freezing this moment in time and space.

Perdita + Luke 


Photographer: Chris Martin Photography

Videographer: Andrei Weddings

Cake: Essex County Cakes

Church: St Basil The Great

Venue: The Springhouse

Couple Shoot: Langdon Hills Country Park

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