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The Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Summer Weddings

Bridesmaids are an important part of a wedding as they are some of the closest people of the bride. With summer approaching, we, at Andrei Weddings, thought we could give you some ideas of the best bridesmaid gifts for summer weddings. These are gifts that can be used even when the sweater weather comes around and serve as a fun reminder of those carefree summer days.

1. Summer Scents

The best scents of the summer are mixed together in a bottle. With citrus fruit top notes (lemon oil, lime and grapefruit) balanced out with peppermint leaf and musk, your ladies will be delighted to freshen up with this perfume after an intense activity like hitting the dance floor.

Illume Candles Watermint eau de parfum, $30 for 1.7 oz.,

2. Statement Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with oversize cuffs, as they are a perfect item for the summer. They are perfect for catching the summer sun and it gives you the opportunity to flaunt your style. What is to be appreciated at this piece is the edgy-but feminine vibe it gives off.

Baublebar Pearl Stud cuff, $32,

3. Chic Slip-Ons

Imagine the following situation: Your bridesmaid and yourself will pose for wedding pictures, and that’s a perfect occasion for your bridesmaids to swap their heels for a cute pair of slip-on smoking slippers. And the design of the slippers with lime and coconut embroidery are really lovely.

Soludos lime and coconut smoking slipper, $65,

4. Sunglasses

What is not to love at a pair of sunnies this chic? They even come in a variety of colours, so you could make a case that they have something for everyone.

A.J. Morgan Krypton sunglasses, $24,

5. Monogrammed Phone Protection

There will be a lot of bridesmaid duties, so there is a probability for a phone drop to happen, so give the gift of no phone screen shatters. And as a bonus the monogram is free.

Mark and Graham Vivid leather iPhone case, $49,

6. Jewelry Dish

This gold-accented tray is perfect for slipping jewelry on and off while getting ready, and it can be personalized to each of your girls.

Rosanna Character tray, $15,

7. Monogrammed Necklace

If you want the perfect statement necklace for layering with smaller, more delicate pieces, then you’d have to go with a bold monogram in a fun colour.

Olive + Piper acrylic bold monogram necklace, $68,

8. Eyeglass Case

This is an ideal item to protect your sunglasses or reading glasses from the unknown contents of a big bag. And it’s handmade padded eyeglass case.

Parker Thatch eyeglass case, $38,

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