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Wedding favours are little table gifts that reflect a personal touch. Something with your inspiration. Perhaps a small but inexpensive present which shows creativity and warmth.

There really is no need to spend too much money here. Ideas, creative efforts and thought are more important. A great wedding favour is one where you think outside the box.

10. Tea Lights

Andrei Weddings tea lights
Tea Lights

A beautiful and decorative tea light holder to position on each place setting makes for a marvellous wedding favour.


9. Personalised Handkerchiefs/ Serviettes

Handkerchiefs as wedding favours
Personalised Handkerchiefs for Wedding Guests

Handkerchiefs with a personalised name sewn in. Guests will want to keep their personalised serviettes for ever. Especially as their very own name appears embroidered on the corner.


8. Traditional Jewellery

wedding jewellery
Jewellery - Andrei Weddings

Providing guests with a number of bracelets, bangles and various colourful jewellery to wear for the ceremony is a great idea. It is especially popular at Indian weddings where elegance and colour are king.


7. Macaroons

macaroons - Andrei Weddings
Macaroons - Andrei Weddings

It is fairly easy to make macaroons and if you present these gift wrapped in a box for each of your guests, it will be one of the best favours you could ever give.


6. Drinks Mat

Andrei Weddings - drinks mat - wedding favours
Drinks Mat

Coasters made from marble with the guests name etched on it are an excellent way of getting your wedding party to remember your big day for ever.


5. Sugared Almonds

Wedding Favours - Almonds
Sugared Almonds - Wedding Favours

These delicious little treats make an excellent favour to hand out to all your guests. Each one can be gift-wrapped in a small box for presentation and effect.


4. Order of Service Books

Order of Service Books

The Order of Service books are kept by guests long after the wedding as a souvenir. These can be presented in any format you wish. We have seen the happy couple present them as an old novel and completed by binding a small piece of string around each book.


3. Mini Moet Champagne

Mini Moet Wedding Favour
Mini Moet Champagne

Did you know it is possible to create a personalised label on the bottle of Champagne for an extra special effect? You may even get the guests to pop open their miniature bottles of the fizzy stuff when the best man completes his speech and offers a toast.


2. Customised Sleeves for Drinks

Andrei Weddings favours
Custom sleeves for drinks - Andrei Weddings

Every guest will have a drink and what better way than to personalise that glass or can with a sleeve?

And Andrei Weddings' favourite is...


1. Mini Bottles with Personalised Name Tags

Andrei Weddings
Miniature Bottles - Andrei Weddings

Tequila, gin or some fancy spirit like Ouzo are ideal favours to offer the table guests at a wedding. Each small bottle should be a miniature. You can watch every one disappear before the speeches have even begun. To obtain the greatest effect, place a small name tag on each bottle.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us if you feel we missed something or you would rank any favour from our list higher.

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