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If you're looking for a wedding videographer in the UK who specialises in Asian weddings, Andrei Weddings is one of the best. Check out this stunning example of our work - a video from Anoushka and Will's fusion wedding, which featured a Hindu ceremony and a reception at Banking Hall in Central London. Our team is committed to capturing the essence of your wedding, regardless of your cultural background, so that you can treasure those memories forever.

A Hindu wedding at Banking Hall in central is an unforgettable experience. The groom arrived in a New York City yellow cab, adding a unique touch to the traditional ceremony. The arrival ceremony with dhol players was loud and lively as it echoed through the empty City of London streets on an early weekend morning. The Hindu ceremony was solemn and beautiful, filled with ancient rituals and traditions that have been passed down through generations. The couple portraits with the Royal Exchange in the background were stunning and truly captured the essence of the day.

The reception was just as impressive, with a super cool candle-lit dinner that set the perfect ambiance for the evening. The first dance was beautiful and filled with emotion, as the couple swayed to their favorite song. The speeches were heartwarming and filled with love and well wishes for the newlyweds.

The venue itself was truly breathtaking, with its grand architecture and luxurious decor. Banking Hall is known for its prestige and elegance, making it the perfect location for a Hindu wedding. The staff at the venue were incredibly accommodating and ensured that every detail was taken care of, leaving the couple and their guests free to enjoy the day.

Overall, a Hindu wedding at Banking Hall in central London is an unforgettable experience that celebrates love, tradition, and culture. From the groom's arrival in a yellow cab to the solemn Hindu ceremony, the stunning couple portraits with the Royal Exchange in the background, and the beautiful reception, every moment of the day was filled with joy, love, and happiness.

We are extremely proud to have been trusted with preserving these marvellous memories for a lifetime in our signature wedding videos. 

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