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Claridges Wedding Video

Kate + Chris 

When Kate asked us to film her wedding, she put an emphasis on the fact the wedding was in such two beautiful venues - Claridges and St Mary Abbots Church in Kensington. For us it was a challenge as usually we have to dedicate our time, which on every wedding is restricted as so many things are going on, on the ceremony itself. We love challenges and we believe this time we managed to get the brief done in an outstanding way. What we did is we dedicated a third camera operator to create the most outstanding shots during the ceremony itself. While two of us were filming and capturing the crystal clear sound during the religious ceremony, a third camera was floating around the back and moving to capture dramatic and unique shots from the back as we wanted to be as unobtrusive as we possibly could. The bride and groom believe the results were astonishing and this is the most important thing for us. You can watch and tell for yourself if we managed or not.


The moment we entered into the Brook Penthouse Suite and we saw the amazing piano we knew we were going to create something really special. We have captured the father of the bride playing at the piano and we had plenty of time to get some shots of the parents browsing through the speeches they were about to read later on turning the mood of the film into a very personal one. While the bride had her hair done, a caricaturist was penciling some gorgeous sketches which you can also find in the highlights film.

The groom and his groomsmen went for a drink in the pub downstairs so we could not miss the opportunity to create the amazing shot where they walk through the gorgeous marble corridors at Claridges. 


There was no way we could have created this magical highlights film without the use of a third camera operator who whilst the getting ready shots were captured back at Claridges ​he spent plenty of time filming the gorgeous gothic church in Kensington in its beauty. Walking down the isle with a steady cam, finding and filming from the best possible angles and spending time to get all the beautiful details that will eventually make you relieve the day are some luxuries that only using our entire team can make it happen. 


As soon as Kate's make up was done, we quickly grabbed our entire kit and jumped into an Uber as there was no time to get the car and make it to the church in time. Yes, parking in central London is a nightmare when it comes to wedding videographers for whom time is the most precious thing. We were lucky enough to have the vintage white car of the bride just in front of us so we captured her entire journey towards the church. After reaching the church we had just enough time to set up for the ceremony while the third camera operator took over to capture the bride walking down the aisle with her father. We believe her entrance could have not been captured any better. 



Any experienced videographer will know that when you are filming in such an imposing Cathedral there is no way you can move around so this is why we spent time in advance carefully planning our positions based on the Order of the Ceremony so nothing is missed from the long film but we are silent and unobtrusive throughout the entire ceremony. We have used long telephoto lenses that allow us to get close enough to the beautiful couple to capture their emotions and reactions without being even noticed. As usual, we have used radio microphones that are small and can be easily hidden but capture a crystal clear sound.


The reception itself and the canapés before were elegant and full of gorgeous details that helped turn into one of the best reception parties we have filmed. The Claridges kitchen is one of the most - if not the most - famous one in the UK and what would have been a better way to accompany the canapés if not with a magician, a caricaturist and a string quartet? We managed to create some amazing shots that look like if a guest is actually walking around them using a steady cam - yes we really love this piece of equipment. 

Everyone seem to have enjoyed the live band playing later on which you could probably tell by watching the end of the highlights film.