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Are you getting married at The Dilly in Piccadilly and looking for a videographer or a photographer to capture your amazing day unobtrusively? Do you want a really classic look, but making sure all the emotions are captured in a visually stunning way?

We are proud to have been invited many times to film and photograph at The Dilly some of the most astonishing weddings. We know the location in and out and are familiar with all the secret spots and angles that will enhance the video. In the video above the couple has their religious ceremony at St James Roman Catholic Church.

For over a decade, Andrei Weddings has been a leader and pushed the boundaries of wedding cinematography and storytelling in the event filming industry. At Andrei Weddings we are really passionate about crafting and telling stories. We have been praised for our unparalleled way of capturing emotions and creating timeless yet bold films. Your consideration means a lot to us and we cannot wait to hear more about your wedding and love story. Every wedding film produced by us is as unique as you are.


Watch another amazing wedding film.

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