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When Anca and Alvaro contacted us about potentially filming their destination wedding in Romania, we immediately started thinking about creating ways in which we could shoot the true beauty of the nature there. We knew it would be an outstanding location and there would be so many interesting details to film and so many nice shots to put into the final wedding video. They tied the knot at Cantacuzino Castle, a Romanian authentic architectural jewel surrounded by mountains and forests.

The richly ornamented exterior, the storm, the stunning marble, the consoles, the exposed and painted beam ceilings, the wooden railings, the forest, the white stone decorated with mosaics and the high mountain peaks are the parts that created a fairytale frame for a prestigious wedding.

It was an unforgettable event. Anca and her wedding dress were simply amazing, the ceremony was solemn and elegant. As for the reception, it was one of the most amazing parties we have ever shot, with musicians travelling from 3 different countries including Cuba, Germany and the UK.


We also had the pleasure to work next to a passionate photographer, Oscar May. Take a look at the trailer video and photos to fully understand what this dream wedding really looked like.


Wishing you everlasting love, joy and happiness, just like the unending circles of your wedding rings.

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Shortly after the wedding we provided Anca and Alvaro with a very short Coming Soon Trailer to keep them excited while waiting for the finished films. You can watch the Coming Soon Trailer here.

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