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5 Secrets to Keeping People On The Dance Floor At Your Wedding

We all know that weddings consist of the magical moment when the couple says ‘I DO’ to each other, but also of the wedding reception. Which can be a hit or a flop. You have to be prepared to have some of your guests anchored to their table in conversation, or the bar, or if the weather is favourable some can be gathered in groups outside. You have to remember that you can’t control your guests, or their preference, but you can lead by example. We, at Andrei Weddings, will reveal in this blog post 5 Secrets to Keeping People On The Dance Floor At Your Wedding.

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1. As the Bride and Groom, the guests will vibe off of you and your energy throughout the night. Make sure you are the center of attention and be first ones of the dance floor and the last ones off at the end of the night (of course, you can take breaks).By doing so, you will let your guests know you’re there to celebrate and enjoy yourself. They will surely follow you. According to specialists, if the bride and groom spend most of their night not in the main reception room, sitting, or walking around to tables, a large number of your guests will be anywhere except on the dance floor.

2. Take precautionary measure with your DJ by asking them not to feel obliged to play full songs; ask him to blend the music as to keep the beat going. A good, experimented DJ, will be in his element and will know exactly how to keep the beat going, maintaining the pacing up and song selection fresh and exciting.

3. Don’t let dinner music put your guests to sleep. Chose a skilled DJ that knows how long to keep your guests seated and when to start encouraging them to get up and start dancing again. You should let your DJ know that you want them to keep the volume to a comfortable level and maintain the beat and the fun factor going throughout courses. What you don’t want is to have sleepy elevator music. As soon as the first plates are getting picked up (not the last!), the DJ should be inviting everyone, including all the couples, to the dance floor for a slow song and then transitioning directly back into dance music.

4. Don’t let formalities interrupt a great dance set. If an interruption on the dance floor takes place, the DJ will have the difficult mission to build that moment back up again and get people to jump on the dance floor again. Things like having your cake cutting off can be done to the side with your photographer, if you would rather everyone keep dancing. In this case the DJ can let everyone know when the dessert is available shortly thereafter.

5. Hire an Open Format DJ: someone prepared to mix together the best songs from all genres, blending them together at the best times. If things are done properly, your guests will be in a constant state of anticipation and they will not leave the dance floor, because the atmosphere and the music is too good to be missed out.

Photo credits: Chris Bartow

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