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Advice for the pre-wedding photo and video shooting:

Pre-wedding shoots are always fun. Even more exciting because you get to spend time with each other amidst the wedding madness.  

In order to enjoy an as successful as possible video and photo shooting, you should take into account some advice that the wedding videographer can give.

One must know what they like and do not like. Every studio is different and unique in their own way. Choose a style both you and your fiance would prefer and scout from there on!

The bride and groom should give time to the professionals and talk to them. It is not advisable to allocate only one single day for both sessions, nor to combine them. The photo shooting is completely different from the video shooting.

For a successful photo shooting, I recommend multiple locations, to combine the moments as beautifully as possible. At the same time, you must take care when choosing the locations, so they advantage you to the fullest, discuss with the specialist if you are not sure which the best locations are.

For a successful pre-wedding video you need a lot of patience, calmness and a lot of planning, potentially setting a script with the help of the professional video artist.

It is also recommended not to involve other persons in your video and photo shooting since they could be detrimental to the session. After all, this session is just for you, to enjoy as many beautiful moments as possible.

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