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Do Not Wear This At A Wedding !

Being asked to attend a wedding is a great honor and a way of saying that your friends want you by their side on the most important day of their lives. The steps you need to follow after you receive the invitation are to save the date, and find a perfect gift for them. All is needed after that is the outfit you’re going to wear. And it has to be flawless, so you can have a good time.

Picking out the perfect ensemble to attend a wedding is easier than you think. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance, aka some small research. To help you, Andrei Weddings compiled a list of 10 items you should not wear to a wedding. By avoiding these fashion faux-pas, you will make a tasteful fashion statement and show respect for the bride and groom.

1. White

This is the most obvious mistake at a wedding as by wearing this colour you’ll match the bride. You should avoid wearing white at all costs..The last thing you want to do is have guests coming up and congratulating you on your big day and asking about your wedding dress style instead of the actual bride.

2. Anything too revealing