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How To Write Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are always special and they serve as an intimate moment during the ceremony, where the couple expresses their love, promise and commitment to one another. Andrei Weddings has attended several weddings and has noticed that nowadays the couples are choosing to replace the traditional wedding vows with personalized ones.

Writing your own wedding vows is a chance to personalize this moment and offer your guests a look into the unconditional and true love you have for one another. Every love is a one-a-kind. You can customize your vows to celebrate just how incredibly special your love is.

If you want your wedding vows to be memorable, it’s important that you speak from the heart and that you put your feelings onto paper. We know that this task is not an easy one so we prepared for you a step-by-step guide that will help you come up with the perfect words.

1. Start with a statement about the importance of this person to you. Your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime, or your everything.

2. Continue by saying what it is you love about your partner. What about this person has made you promise forever? What was the moment you realised you were in love? What do you miss when you’re not around each other? Writing down all of your ideas and everything you love about this person can help you come up with things that are really important and that really stand out. You shouldn’t worry about saying every little thing that makes your relationship special, just focus on the main things, as you don’t want your ceremony to go on forever and make your guests feel bored.

3. Use a story to bring this love to life.The wedding vows represent a great opportunity to tell a story or use an anecdote to bring your love to life. A personal story is memorable and will give your guests an intimate look into your love for one another.

4. Lay out exactly what it is you are promising. Make promises to your partner and vow to stick to them. You can say things such as, “I vow to always support you,” or “I promise to never steal the covers unless, you’re hogging them.” It’s always appreciated if you mention specific ways you will show your love— in romantic ways, funny ways and ways only the two of you could understand. If the two of you are celebrating your faith on your wedding day, you can incorporate religious wedding vows and wedding bible verses too. Use words like I vow, I promise and I pledge.

5. Use romantic wedding vows to personalize your promise. By using romantic wedding vows highlight your promise, love and devotion.

6. Use funny wedding vows to personalize your promise. As we all know ,the wedding day will be one of the happiest days of our lives. To make your wedding vows memorable you can add humor to them.

7. Mention specific things the two of you will do together. Continue this portion of your vows by mentioning the specific things you will accomplish together. Using phrases like: “With you,” “I will,” and “Together.”

8. Don’t forget to add that you’ll be there even when times get rough. It may sound as a cliche, but it’s essential that you reassure your partner that this is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

9. Wrap your vows up with a look towards the future. Think about your goals, aspirations and future. How will your love set the tone for the way you raise your family? What are you looking forward to sharing with this special person.

10. "As long as we both shall live.” You should end your vows with one last promise, the promise of forever, for eternity and until death do us part.

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In case you’re having some problems following the steps 1-10, don’t worry, we have a solution for this. Keep the following tips for writing your wedding vows in mind while going through the steps above:

  • You should start early. Begin crafting your vows early, so that you’ll have plenty of times to think them over, find inspiration and in the end relax

  • Talk vows over with your fiancé. Although it is a good idea to keep the final product a secret and surprise for your wedding day, it is advisable to have a discussion with your partner to decide on a certain style, format or tone for your vows Will the two of you incorporate some of the same promises as traditional wedding vows? Are you going to stick to romantic promises or incorporate a more light-hearted tone? Some couples even decide to share their vows with each other before the wedding day. The best part is that the two of you get to decide what you prefer!

  • Surround yourself with memories.Things like old photographs and first love note represent memories of lovely moments that the two of you have shared with one another. It’s good to have a collection of these moments, because they can generate a lot of ideas that can be included in your vows.

  • Make a list. When you start writing your vows don’t be stressed about writing complete sentences. Just start writing down everything that comes to mind. You’ll see that by doing this you’ll slowly have what it takes for good wedding vows.

  • If you get stuck, answer a few questions about your relationship.

  1. Why did you decide to get married?

  2. What did you think when you first saw him/her?

  3. When did you realize you were in love?

  4. What do you have now that you didn’t have before you met?

  5. How has she/he changed your view of the world?

  6. What do you miss when you’re apart from each other?

  7. What hard times have you gone through together?

  8. What makes your relationship tick?

  • ·Get inspired. You can do some research and look through different wedding vov examples. There is a lot of material online. Another alternative would be to pull inspiration from your favourite poets, authors, or romantic movies, as long as those words don’t overpower your own. Once you have found what you need, determine what it is about those vows that your are drawn to and try to incorporate that into your own.

  • Avoid anything too personal or embarrassing. As the moment of saying the vows to each other is important and you’ll want your guests to be part of that special moment don’t reveal anything too personal or embarrassing. You’ll wish your guests to be able to follow along with what you’re saying. In these cases it’s always a good idea to limit the inside jokes and re-read everything in case you second-guess it. You can also choose to have a friend read through your vows to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

  • Finally, take a break. It is said that some of the best writing is done when you take some time off, and get back to it the next day. If you need a break, then take it. Remember, this is the reason you started early in the first place.

To round off this article, here are two examples of wedding vows that we like:

I love you unconditionally and without hesitation. I vow to love you, encourage you, trust you, and respect you. As a family, we will create a home filled with learning, laughter, and compassion. I promise to work with you to foster and cherish a relationship of equality knowing that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone. Today, I choose you to be my husband/wife/partner. I accept you as you are, and I offer myself in return. I will care for you, stand beside you, and share with you all of life’s adversities and all of its joys from this day forward, and all the days of my life.

Today, I promise you this: I will laugh with you in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share in your dreams and support you as you strive to achieve your goals. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement. Together, let us build a home filled with learning, laughter, and light, shared freely with all who may live there. Let us be partners, friends, and lovers, today and all of the days that follow.

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