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Planning your own wedding

"You want to create that magical moment when you look around the room and each element is working in harmony" - Colin Cowie

A. 12 months before :

  1. Set the budget . Among the first things you need to do is to do an overall calculation of the available budget so you could get an idea about what you can afford at your wedding and what not. Once you did this, you get an approximate idea about the magnitude of the wedding, the approximate number of guests, and depending on these aspects you should aim for larger restaurants if the wedding gathers a large number of guests, or to smaller restaurants if the guests come in a smaller number, such as for small weddings.

  2. Set the theme of the wedding . To make it easy for you and see what kind of wedding you want, you need to decide the theme and the colour palette. The theme shall set the overall appearance and the atmosphere of the event. These are just as important as the event itself.

  3. Choose the church. Choose the church where you want to get married and get in touch with the chaplain to see if and what are the available time frames.

  4. Choose the venue. You need to allocate a good proportion of your wedding planning time and budget to find your dream venue because there are so many different options to consider and look at .

wedding dress

B. 9 months before :

5. Choose the DJ or the wedding band .

6. Choose the photographer. You must make sure that the package includes everything you wish.

7. Choose the wedding videographer . The wedding video shall give you the opportunity to relive that special day , to see and hear the vows you have made . Before you engage on what could be a long search to find your best videographer it’s important to think on the stye of film you want .It could be a short wedding video, up to several minutes to capture all the essential moments of your wedding. Or it could be a longer film, focusing on several issues. You will see what actually happened at the event, what were the reactions of the guests.

8. Choose the wedding dress. When you’ve found the perfect dress, don’t try on any more!

C. 5 months before

9. The suit and accessories for the groom.

10. Flower arrangements.

11. Choose the wedding rings. Veil, jewellery and shoes of the bride.

12. Schedule the hair stylist and make-up artist

D. Last months:

12. Set the last details with the suppliers

13. The bride and groom dance. It is important to take a few dance classes, everything will come more naturally.

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