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The Importance of Marriage

Or A Cynical Guide on Why to Get Married.


Marriage is an universally, multi-culturally known ceremony of union between two or - in some cultures - multiple partners. Throughout history, the purpose of marriage has suffered many changes influenced by fluctuations concerning the relationship between state and church.

In Ancient Times, for example, marriage has been viewed as an arranged alliance between families where benefits regarding societal status or wealth were the definite settling point. Instances where the couple-to-be had any saying in the arrangement were very rare.

Although times have drastically changed and romantic interest is now considered to be a primary priority, there are still numerous legal benefits that ought to be regarded when considering marriage.

Despite the fact that wedding costs oftentimes tend to be overwhelming, the married couple could benefit financially on the long run. Making big investments, such as buying a house or a car, becomes more and more difficult in today’s economy, the combination of two salaries would certainly make the job easier as the income of both parties would contribute to paying taxes.

More than that, a married couple is able to pass on assets such as property, savings, investments etc. prior to their death without the other partner having to pay any inheritance tax. In the case of the death of both partners, the property would be further passed on to the next generation (as conditioned in the will), so the worry of capital distribution wouldn’t be an issue.

The saying “Two is better than one” is applied not only to financial issues, but also to an overall healthier state of self. By having a stable partner to whom one is able to openly share and discuss personal issues and worries, one’s daily stress would significantly decrease and their general mood improve.

Another health-related benefit of marriage would be the ability to have control over legal or medical matters in the event of a health complication. For example, it is far more difficult for unmarried couples to make any medical, legal or financial decisions in the case of the other partner being unresponsive or unconscious, as hospital visits are often restricted to “immediate family only”.

Marriage can be beneficial in other legal matters such as immigration rights such as getting a green card or spousal rights which offer one the right to deny testimony in court over their partner. Cuban men, for instance, get married to (usually older) women from abroad to be able to (permanently) leave the country.

However, putting aside all the legal, financial and social benefits marriage has to offer, one must not forget the symbolic meaning of this age-old traditional ceremony. This union between partners represents sealing a pact of temporally and emotionally unlimited love.

More than that, it is a promise of true devotion to one another and of taking on the responsibility of a commitment. This sense of comfort and stability such a relationship offers, not only makes the person feel more secure with the other partner, but also with themselves.

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