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The Most Romantic Wedding Gifts for the Groom

When your wedding day is approaching, every day seems special, but nothing can compare to the morning of the actual day. That is a fun, exciting and emotional time. Giving your groom a thoughtful present offers reassurance and will remind him the fact that you are thinking of him and want for him to have a day to remember. In this post, we, at Andrei Weddings, will reveal a few gift ideas to take your groom by surprise.

1. A Handwritten Note

What a better way to let your groom know you are thinking pf him? We love this simple card from Team Hen – it comes blank inside so you can write your own special romantic message. Also the writing style on the front looks good.

2. Reasons Why I Love You

These ten gorgeous foil printed cards from Martha Brook represent a sentimental way to express your feelings towards your groom. They can be sent to you blank so you can handwrite your reasons why you love your groom, or, if you want you can send the reasons directly for them to print onto the cards. The fact that you have a choice is a good thing in our opinion.

3. The Story of Your Relationship

This pretty print from Letterfest can serve as a way of telling the story of how you got to wedding day. It can be personalised, and it can show all your relationship milestones, ending with your happily ever after.

4. A Handkerchief

This handkerchief from The Hummingbird Card Company can be offered as a gift if you think your groom may shed a few tears. You can make it as personal as you want to, but we suggest having it monogrammed with both of your initials and you can even include your wedding date.

5. A Personalised Hip Flask

Are you thinking of a traditional groom’s gift, with a touch of an elegant style? We recommend this personalised hip flask with wooden style from Dust and Things, as it is really stylish and you can have it monogrammed with the groom’s initials.

6. A Whiskey Glass With a Special Message

If you bought the before mentioned flask, why not accompany it with an extra special glass. This personalised glass from Oli & Zo reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’ to which you can add your name and the groom’s name.

7. Personalised Collar Stiffeners

We love that these personalised collar stiffeners from Man Gun Bear can include the time of your wedding ceremony. They have a double role: it’s a way to ensure the groom has an extra bit of reassurance and they’ll make him look extra sharp.

8. Grooming Station

This solid oak grooming station from Mijmoj Designs can be personalised with your own special message. We love its dual utility, as it can be used for the getting ready photos on the morning of the wedding, as well day to day after the wedding as a special reminder of your big day.

9. Extra Special Cufflinks

This is an unique present as you can have your fingerprint engraved on the front and add an extra special message engraved on the back. These romantic cufflinks from Hold Upon Heart will be as unique as you are.

10. A Print of Your Wedding Venue

A gift that will be cherished by the groom is a watercolour sketch of your wedding venue-it’s a thoughtful gift that can be hanged in your home and will remind you of one of the most beautiful days of your life.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. While you’re here you could also check out Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Every Budget and The Best Temporary Engagement Rings

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