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Top 10 Most Famous Wedding Dresses

Every wedding dress is special but Andrei Weddings wrote an article about some of the coolest wedding dresses now and then. Which one is your favourite?

10. Gwen Stefani - by John Galliano

Gwen Stefani - Andrei Weddings
Gwen Stefani Wedding Dress

Gwen Stefani marries Gavin Rossdale in Covent Garden in 2002. She wears a pink and white ombré wedding dress. After the wedding, Gwen Stefani donates her dress to the V&A Museum which exhibits it in a 2014 wedding dresses collection.

When: 2002

Who: John Galliano

Where: London

Tags: modern


09. Jerry Hall - by unknown designer

Jerry Hall - Andrei Weddings
Jerry Hall Wedding Dress

Surely the wedding of Jerry Hall with Mick Jagger was never meant to be ordinary at all. She chooses a traditional Balinese dress.

When: 1990

Who: unknown

Where: Bali Tags: unconventional


08. Queen Elizabeth II - by Norman Hartnell

Queen Elizabeth II Andrei Weddings
Queen Elizabeth II Wedding Dress

The dress was decorated with crystals and 10,000 seed pearls. Norman Hartnell, who had been Court Designer since 1938 and who was the designer of the dress, claimed it as he most beautiful dress he had ever.

When: 1947

Who: Norman Hartnell

Where: London

Tags: Royal


07. Grace Kelly - by Helen Rose

Grace Kelly - Andrei Weddings
Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress is one of the most celebrated and elegant gowns in history. Now the dress is with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

When: 1956

Who: Helen Rose

Where: Monaco

Tags: Royal


06. Princess Diana - by Elizabeth Emmanuel

Princess Diana - Andrei Weddings
Princess Diana Wedding Dress

The Gown of Princess Diana inspired a generation of brides when she married Prince Charles partly because it was the first live broadcasted royal wedding.

When: 1981

Who: Elizabeth Emmanuel

Where: London

Tags: Royal


05. Sarah Jessica Parker - by Vivienne Westwood

Sarah Jessica Parker Andrei Weddings
Sarah Jessica Parker Wedding Dress

Although she is turned down by her husband to be and in fact it is not even a real life wedding, Sarah Jessica Parker’s wedding gown makes Andrei Weddings Top.

When: 2008

Who: Vivienne Westwood

Where: New York City

Tags: flamboyant


04. Audrey Hepburn - by Pierre Balmain

Audrey Hepburn Andrei Weddings
Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress

The wedding dress of Audrey Hepburn is a true classic. A tea-length design with high neck and ballgown sleeves, which Audrey pairs with elbow-length white gloves. That is so classy.

When: 1954

Who: Pierre Balmain

Where: Burgenstock, Switzerland

Tags: classy


03. Amal Clooney - by Oscar de la Renta

Amal Clooney Andrei Weddings
Amal Clooney Wedding Dress

Oscar de la Renta creates a bespoke off-the-shoulder gown crafted from French lace with hand-embodied pearls, diamanté details and a sweeping train. “He’s such an elegant designer” Amal says about Oscar.

When: 2014

Who: Oscar de la Renta

Where: Venice, Italy

Tags: elegant


02. Iman - by Hervé Leger

Iman Andrei Weddings
Iman Wedding Dress

Iman weds David Bowie in 1992 in Florence, Italy. Iman’s dress was designed by Hervé Leger who was also a guest at the wedding. The hairstyle was done by Teddy Antolin. Some of the music played during the service was of course composed by Bowie.

When: 1992

Who: Hervé Leger

Where: Florence

Tags: elegant


01. Solange Knowles - by Humberto Leon

Solange Knowles Andrei Weddings
Solange Knowles Wedding Dress

Well, when your sister is Beyonce it takes a little extra to stand out. Solange weds Alan Ferguson in New Orleans in a crisp ivory cape gown. They were joined by Jay Z, Beyonce, Blue Ivy and the rest of their families. Most of the guests wore white similar to the bride and groom. A wedding with style that made the first place into Andrei Weddings Top 10 Most Famous Wedding Dresses out there.

When: 2014

Who: Humberto Leon for Kenzo

Where: New Orleans

Tags: Futuristic

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Andrei Weddings
Andrei Weddings
Dec 14, 2018

Thank you for the comment Sejal. Talking about Asian Wedding Dresses is a great idea which will surely be taken into consideration. This might actually be worth having a separate dedicated article on its own.


Sejal Patel
Sejal Patel
Dec 14, 2018

Really interested read!

What about some famous asian wedding dresses?

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