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Wedding Suits for Women: The Most Stylish Options

Not all the brides want to wear a dress on their big day, and we get it. We, at Andrei Weddings, have done some research and came up with some ideas of wedding suits for women to serve as inspiration, so you can have a wedding day that you’ll never forget. The examples illustrated below have either a sharply tailored jacket and trousers, or they are a two piece combo with a skirt.

1. Wedding Suit with Skirt or Trousers – Crystal Bride

When you think about wedding suits for women you may believe trousers are irreplaceable. Of course, you can also opt for a skirt suit. Anyway, what is good about a wedding suit is that you can almost definitely reuse it after your wedding. Maybe not as a full on outfit, but think about mix-and-match.

These two designs from Crystal Bride show there is diversity in what concerns wedding suits for women ! We love the chic tailored trouser suit, complete with pearl embellishment along the seams of the trousers and on the collar of the jacket.

If a skirt suit is more like your cup of tea, then their slightly less sharply-tailored jacket and skirt combo is the perfect choice. The floaty, feminine tulle skirt is toughened up with the addition of a sleek jacket.

2. Bianca Jacket & Jumpsuit Combo – Cortana

Those of you who are looking for a wedding suit as an alternative to a wedding dress, go for a wedding jumpsuit. It is a perfect choice. Just look at the pics below.

You’ll be admired for the flattering draping of the Bianca by Cortana, that is complete with jacket. This is an ideal look for brides who want a softer look, but don’t want the traditional wedding outfit.

3. Skirt and Jacket Wedding Suit – BSS by Safiyya Babayeva

This look from BSS by Safiyya Babayeva was seen on the London Bridal Fashion Week runway and what is different about it is the fact that it adds a bit of edge to a wedding dress due to sharp tailoring.

The beautiful, full-skirted dress complete with gold bodice is stunning, and the nipped in waist of the jacket adds to the high-fashion feel.

4. Wedding Skirt Suit – Louise Bentley

This wedding skirt suit from Louise Bentley represents an option that is chosen by those brides who, although are not interested in the traditional bride look, they would still like to wear a dress on their wedding day.

The well-cut jacket features embellishment on the cuffs that matches the detail on the dress’s belt, and will add extra coverage for women who don’t want their arms out on their wedding day.

5. Esparta Dress and Jacket Combo – Cortana

This is an ideal look for the fashion-loving brides and what stands out is that it is a high-necked dress. And it has a matching wrap jacket that is really cool.

6. Two-Piece Wedding Suit – Peony Rice

This look from Peony Rice gives a traditional vibe due to the pretty lace top and the combo with the wide-leg trousers is simply awesome.

7. Wedding Suit with Train – BSS by Safiyya Babayeva

This top and trousers suit combo from BSS by Safiyya Babayeva will help you make a statement and will ensure all eyes are on you-it is ideal if you want to feel a bit extra on your big day.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. While you’re here you could also check out The Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Summer Weddings and How To Dress For A Wedding

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