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What To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, so you’ll want it to be memorable and free of bad or embarrassing moments. That’s why Andrei Weddings has compiled a lit of what to avoid on your wedding day.

1. Make sure no one can reach the device playing the music

In case you don't have a band or DJ playing at you wedding, you’ll want to follow this advice, especially if you spent hours or even days making the perfect playlist only to have loads of people changing songs every two minutes.

2. Not hiring a videographer

No matter how professional your friends are there are still chances that on your most important day things will go wrong and their video cameras won’t work.

3. Getting drunk the night before the wedding

It’s not cool to let your friends take out the night before your wedding and get really drunk as on the next day you’ll be really hungover and you will not enjoy your special day.

4. Having an ex as a bridesmaid

Although your husband has convinced you it is a good idea to have his ex as a bridesmaid, there are chances that he will cheat on you with the bridesmaid, and he will become an ex.

5. Not banning phones from the ceremony

Especially if you’re having a small wedding ceremony it is a good idea to let the professional service the bride and groom hired to take all the pictures. What you don’t want is to have pictures of the couple at the altar and people with their mobile phones in the air.

6. Not specifically say „no children” on the invite

You may think that there is no need to specify this, especially if most of your invitees don’t have children. You do have to mention this though, as there’s always someone who decides to bring their children along.

7. Focusing way too much on small details

Nobody cares what colour the napkins are. Actually, nobody will even remember what colour they were, yourself included.

8. Don’t DIY wedding invitations

You will be able to make a couple, then start to hate making them. You will find out on your own that is not even worth it, as it’s not cheaper and people will just throw them away.

9. Spending money to rent a fancy car to take you to the reception

You’ll realise that doing this is a waste of your money.

10. Not doing your own makeup

You may receive compliments on your looks by your guests, but it is possible for you to not feel like yourself, all because you haven’t done your own makeup. After all, you do know what’s the best look for you.

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