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What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

With bright blue skies and sun-warmed temperatures, summer is the perfect season for weddings, so expect to receive an invite to a beach wedding at some point. There’s something so romantic yet stunningly simple about exchanging vows on a sandy beach next to crashing ocean waves or alongside a peaceful rippling lake—it’s a no-brainer really—until it comes to beach wedding attire, that is. Andrei Weddings compiled a list of dos and don’ts in what concerns what to wear to a beach wedding.


  • Respect the dress code stated on the invitation

  • Think about airy and flowing dresses. Fabrics like soothing cotton, linen, chiffon, organza, georgette, etc. that are light and elegant are always great choices.

  • Choose pastel, yellow, orange, aqua or other vibrant colours that set the mood right for the destination wedding.

  • Maxi dresses never disappoint.

  • For evening ceremonies, short dresses should do. It’s always a good idea to stick with pastels or light colors that complement the dusky evening sky.

  • If the invite mentions a semi-formal attire—short or calf-length dresses in blue, aqua or pastel will do just fine.

  • Footwear is the next big thing to think about, and unlike your regular wedding parties, stilettos are not a good idea. If the ceremony takes place at a beach and the party indoors, or the other way round, consider a change.Comfortable footwear should be your first choice, so fancy flats or something that doesn’t look like bathroom sandals are good.

  • A good choice of accessories can take your look to the next level. One contrast coloured bold statement piece can complete your attire.


  • Most women think about wearing a white dress for a beach wedding, but it’s not a good idea when the wedding is not yours. Keep away from anything in the white spectrum because the bride and her entourage might be in a similar colour and you don’t want to have the spotlight on you.

  • Make sure you have the right footwear and most importantly that they are comfortable. Do not do stilettos or pumps.

  • Beach, inevitably means breeze so do not go over the board with slits, length or the flare. You will draw attention for all the wrong reasons and face embarrassment.

  • See-through and anything transparent are never considered a suitable wedding outfit, be it beach wedding or otherwise, so avoid these as well.

  • If you are not one of the bridesmaids, it’s better to be absolutely sure of not wearing a dress or colour that clashes with their team.

See below 10 Beach Wedding Dressing Ideas For Women and let us know in the comments section which one you like.

Long Black Lace Dress-Image from

Black And Gold Flowing Maxi Dress-Image from

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Long Layered Dress-Image from Instagram

Satin Saree With Floral Embroidery-Image from Instagram

Pastel Colored Lehenga-Image from Instagram
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