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What To Wear To An Asian Wedding

Andrei Weddings has attended several Asian weddings and has noticed there are certain traditions and rules that everyone, including the guests needs to follow. As a guest to an Asian wedding, it is indicated that you do some research before attending the event. Luckily for you, Andrei Weddings has some tips for you about what to wear to an Asian wedding.

1. Don’t wear red

This is usually the colour the bride wears, so you don’t want to be impolite and most importantly upstage the bride.

2. Wear warm tones, if you can

Purple, pink and peach all symbolize new life and happiness in Chinese culture so by wearing these colours you show support towards the marriage. Other acceptable colours are yellow and orange.

3. Avoid wearing too much black or white

Both white and black symbolize mourn and death in some Asian countries. If you choose to wear these colours you may bring bad luck to the couple.

4. You can include festive accents, as long as they fit the dress code

Little touches of gold, which is a popular color in Chinese culture, can really spice up your look without breaking the dress code. You can also include little touches in your outfit that are inspired by Chinese culture, like a mandarin collar on your dress.

5. Dress length depends on the specific wedding

You should check with the couple to see how formal they want the wedding to be before buying your dress or suit. Unless the invitation specifically indicates that it is a very formal event, above the knee is your best bet for skirt length.

6. Keep it classy!

Even if you choose a short dress it should still cover everything-being too flashy or too exposed can be considered impolite.

7. Wear something that represents you well

When attending an asian wedding is important to choose an outfit that doesn’t put you in a bad light. It is very important what your outfit is saying about you. In traditional Chinese culture, the way you present yourself could have an impact on your family’s honor.

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