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A Great Picture Is One That Shows The Connection Between The Couple - Ankit Govind Photography

"Indian weddings are so much louder, brighter and have so many colours and traditions" Ankit Govind Photography

Ankit Govind Photography tells stories though photographs that will last a lifetime.

Ankit got into photography by pure chance during his design course at University and since then he has always been pushing his skills in this direction. At first, Ankit started working for a wedding photographer (mostly photographing english & jewish weddings) and quickly became his preferred second shooter. Ever since, Ankit developed a pure passion for photographing real people on their big day. After the photographer Ankit used to work for retired, he decided to take the plunge and start his own company. This was more than 3 years ago. Since then Ankit Govind Photography grew as a hugely successful business.

Indian weddings are so much louder, brighter and have so many colours and traditions he says. There's always something happening and never a dull moment! What Ankit really appreciates is the fact that everyone makes such an effort dressing in vibrant outfits and there are so many hidden meanings behind each traditions such as these small games that happen during the day.

koda kodi hindu wedding photographer
Koda-Kodi is a game where the bride and groom compete to find a real ring in a bowl filled with sea shells. The winner rules the house!

Andrei Weddings asked what is the secret of Ankit's succes - how can he manage to create these stunning images while working with people who probably never had a professional photo shoot before. Ankit mentions for him is crucial to build a deep connection with each client and the way he finds this works best is by doing a pre-wedding shoot. Ankit believes this will break the ice and create a strong bond between him and the couple. "Every bride and groom say they never knew how much fun a photoshoot can be!" relates Ankit.

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