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Tom Aizenberg - Insight into a brilliant wedding photographer

Tom takes cinematic, emotional documentary and portrait photographs to tell the story of the most ambitious weddings in London and across the UK. 

"I fell in love with photography, a few years ago, loving the creative outlet and possibilities of it, but thought nothing of it beyond that" Tom relates to Andrei Weddings. He was always that friend with a camera around their neck at gatherings, and so he brought a camera to his cousin’s wedding, and a 50mm lens. He was just doing what came naturally to him - taking pictures of his family interacting and enjoying the day naturally, and in a documentary style. "I got lucky with the light being good" sais Tom, but his cousin took him aside after her wedding and said she wished she’d booked Tom Aizenberg as her wedding photographer, which changed everything for him.

Tom has been photographing weddings for about 4 years, and loving every minute of it!