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How to Write a Father of the Groom Speech

You can give yourself a pat on the back as your son is about to get married. The coming weeks and days will be challenging for lots of people and not just the bride and groom. As the father of the groom, there will be a necessity to write a great speech that will be delivered to the assembled and attentive guests.

Add a Splice of Humour

The speech will need a splice of humour, a touch of sentiment and a large helping of respect. The jibes should be left for the best man to deliver and your delivery should be mature and respectful. But don’t worry: there will still be a position in the speech for dad jokes and a great opportunity to get some laughter from the matrimonial assemblage.

Talk About the Boy (Your Son)

After the necessary formalities of introduction are over you can speak about your son and tell everyone about his successes, achievements, his youth and any notable stories about when he was growing up. Childhood memories can be amusing and raise a laugh or two from your attentive audience.

Don’t Forget the Bride

She is now your daughter-in-law and has formed a union with your son. Share those memories of when you first met her. Explain all of her qualities and how she will be an asset to your son and the family. Welcome her warmly into the fold.