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The Order of the Wedding Speeches

Tradition states the father of the bride opens the speeches. Some weddings will have a toastmaster employed to get everyone’s attention by ringing a small bell and asking for a moment of their time. The toastmaster will inform the guests that the father of the bride is about to deliver his speech and then it is over to him to open the proceedings.

The Father of the Bride

The father of the bride will generally introduce himself and mention the parents. The bride’s mother and how proud she has become of her daughter is then given a heart-warming accolade, and a special mention will then be given to the parents of the groom.

He will then add in a short dialogue about his daughter. He will tell the assembled guests about how proud he is that his daughter is getting married and then talk a little about any achievements she has made in her life.

The father of the bride will also talk a little about his new son-in-law and about any times when it has been good to have him around.

The Father of the Groom

Next to take to the table is the father of the groom. He will say something about the couple and give credits to those who made the wedding a success. He will also offer a toast at the end of the speech. Jokes and some light humour are positively encouraged to keep the assembled guests interested and engaged.

The Bridesmaids / Groomsmen

This is the moment for embarrassing stories and laughter. Usually the bridesmaids keep it sweet, but most of the weddings we have attended the groomsmen are taking the opportunity to tell the funniest stories. It always ends up with a toast.

The Best Man

After thanking the guests and talking a little about the happy couple, he will be expected to make a slight dig towards the groom and read out the messages from guests who were unable to make the wedding event. The best man is more than welcome to joke about the groom to keep the speeches light-hearted and less formal.

He will end with a warm toast to the bride and groom.

The Groom

The groom is up next and will deliver a round of thanks to father of the bride, the parents and guests for attending. The groom may also compliment his bride, thank his best man and make a toast.

The Bride

She does not need to deliver a long speech. There should be a number of thanks to guests for turning up on her special day and she should complement the groom before making a toast to mark the wedding.

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