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Wedding in Thailand

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

What is your dream location for a wedding? If the answer is Thailand please read this article.

Looking for professional wedding suppliers in Thailand and your choices are limited? Thinking of taking along with you your own professional but scared of the costs?

Andrei Weddings is the best wedding videographer in Phuket. We are bringing the British quality to Thailand. Why pay travel and accommodation expenses for a UK videographer when you have the best London videographer already here in Phuket?

Our company is established in Notting Hill where we are living half of the year. That is the UK wedding season. What are we doing in the other half? Escaping the cold and covering weddings in Thailand.

Where is Andrei Weddings based in Thailand? As the best wedding videographer in Phuket, Andrei Weddings had to stay right in the middle of the action - that is the super busy Phuket, where most of the weddings in Thailand happen.

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