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Wedding Traditions Around the World

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The world as we know it is filled with so many different cultures, each having their own ways of celebrating the major events of life: death, birth, love etc. With such a large and diverse population as wide spread as it is, the fact that each region would have their own traditions and rituals to honor the important events in a human’s life is hardly surprising. I am further going to talk about how different cultures across the Globe celebrate a huge moment in one’s life: marriage – the symbolic ceremony of bonding and spending the rest of one’s life with someone significant.

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As new times have brought Europe’s evolution and development to grow at such a fast pace, its traditions were bound to suffer some changes. Because of that, it is impressive to see still how rooted into tradition wedding rituals are around Europe, however – of course - with a modern twist to them.

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