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BLACK & WHITE Wedding Video

Black & White is very common when it comes to photography, however, we never ever had a request to deliver a wedding video in B&W in over 10 years of existence. It was a first and we accepted the challenge! As a wedding videographer, enhancing the look of the wedding video is always a challenge since every wedding video we create is different.

Although creating the B&W look seemed easy at first, we were surprised to find out during the editing process, that Black&White Wedding Videos require colour grading as well. That seems strange since there are no colours, right? Well, that is true to an extent, but there are hundreds of tons of grey which need to be adjusted in every shot in order to achieve the cinematic look of Andrei Weddings.

The wedding of Hathai & Serge was rather an intimate and romantic elopement. They tied the know during the civil ceremony at The Old Marylebone Town Hall, in the heart of London, that looked absolutely gorgeous in Black & White!

After the wedding, we have spent a few hours with the couple in, outside and around the venue doing a couple shoot. The result is their beautiful B&W wedding video.

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