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An amazing story

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

We have been captivated by James and Yukina's love story so we knew from the beginning their film was meant to be special.

Andrei Weddings provided their wedding videography services at their best.

James and Yukina took us to a few amazing locations across the UK. Our work started a few months before the wedding with a pre wedding video at the White Cliffs in Dover. We arrived at noon and first thing we went to film the couple shoot at the amazing cliffs.

We were really lucky as that they there was no wind at all and were able to take some amazing aerial shots. The sunset was spectacular.

James and Yukina had an amazing time acting out a few sequences that turned out into an amazing pre wedding video they showcased at their reception.

After taking dinner together, we went through tips and ideas with the couple about their upcoming wedding. We spent the night at a local hotel.

Next morning we took advantage of the gorgeous light and filmed a few more scenes in the coastal town.

Our next assignment, more unusual, was to film the couple meeting after a rather long period of not seeing each other due to the fact they were living in two different cities - London and Tokyo. The day started with the usual getting ready shots of James in his 26th floor apartment in East London with views of Canary Wharf and Saint Paul's

Once we got to the Heathrow Airport James became nervous about the upcoming meeting. Yukina had no idea we were filming at all! The bigger impact was the fact that we kept the secrecy until we delivered the final trailer - this made her burst into tears, James relates.

The actual wedding was on a beautiful autumn day. The location looked simply stunning in the golden colours of the season. Capturing the venue shots was a simple pleasure.

The bridal preparations were set in one of the beautiful rooms of the castle, making it look like a fairy tale.

The cake and decor were all in tone with the autumn outside. The pumpkin was in season at that time and we thought it was such a brilliant idea.

Their wedding location provided an outstanding set for more couple portraits and some clever directed sequences they loved acting and seeing in the trailer video.

We could not resist capturing some quick shots of James doing some last minute retouches to his speech.

He was really impressed as he told us

later on he never notices us filming those shots!

After the church ceremony and taking the confetti shots, James and Yukina noticed some gorgeous horses nearby. Just in time, we captured it as this added to the mood of the day. We believe it's not only the overall but the little things that make the day what it really is. Having said that, the couple really enjoyed our effort!

The reception was very discrete. We had to go unnoticeable and so we did using our special zoom lenses. Most importantly, James and Yukina had an amazing day and on top of that they were crazy in love with our films.

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