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Tips on how to choose a wedding videographer in London

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Many times I find myself asking: what makes a good wedding videographer? Find out how to choose one following 4 simple steps.

If you are getting married soon and willing to hire a wedding videographer for your big day but do not know where and what to look for here are some tips you should consider.

1. First and foremost make sure you find someone local. There are many wedding videographers travelling from far, but I have heard many stories about "professional" suppliers turning up late at the event. You would not want to delay your wedding ceremony by one hour because your make up artist is caught in traffic do you? In this case I strongly recommend to look for a wedding videographer near me.

2. The second, equally important to the first is the quality of the films the videographers produce. The only person to judge the quality and style of your chosen wedding videographer are you and you only. There are so many wedding videographers in London only and as each person is different, the style of any single wedding videographer is different. Some produce cheesy film, so have very fast cuts, some are too modern, some are too classic, some ore too overloaded whereas some are too basic. You are the only one who can decide for yourself if the quality of their productions is good for you.

3. Now, considering you found a local wedding videographer and you are in love with the style of their films. Now you should check their packages and prices to see whether they fit your actual needs. Some companies offer only a short amount of hours which sometimes end when you need them most. What happens if your wedding videographer would turn up to you just before you cut the cake and said he would have to leave since the contract is over unless you pay for the pricy extra hours. Simply check and understand your requirements and whether the packages provided by your wedding videographer fulfil your needs.

4. Do a research and check the wedding videographer you have chosen is trustworthy. Since you are paying a substantial amount of money on wedding videography services you would like to go with a reputable company. Simply do a google search and check their brand online. You will find it very easy to tell if their online presence is strong and they can be trusted or if their website looks like a spam.

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Sejal Patel
Sejal Patel
Dec 14, 2018

Andrei Weddings is the best team!


angela uiup
angela uiup
Nov 10, 2018

Great article !

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